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My Services

I have been working as a photographer since 2003.

I work exclusively in the Ottawa area and specialize in Lifestyle Portraiture.

This includes : Pregnancy, Newborns, Babies, Children, Families etc.

  • I am currently working MONDAY- FRIDAY betwen 9am-2pm and on Saturday and Sunday


  • I always leave it up to the parents to choose a time of day that their children are at their "best"!
  • I am an on-location photographer (no studio), so you have 2 choices : I either come to your home, or we meet at one of the beautiful parks in the area.


  • Usually with Newborn/Baby shoots we would do them at your home. We will use the area in your home with the most natural light. No need to tidy up or set up anything ahead of time. It is a very relaxing way to have photos the comfort of your own home.


  • most often Pregnancy portraits are often done in your home/garden, to afford you more privacy, but you can choose to do them in another location if your prefer.
  • Anytime after 30 weeks is a good time to have these sessions.


  • With Toddlers/Children I would always recommend an outdoor shoot, whenever possible! This allows the children to relax and showcase their own personalities.
  • Also, it gives the photos such a beautiful, natural look.


  • A normal indoor session takes about 60-90 minutes, unless it is a Newborn session, which often take closer to 2 hours as the babies may need feeding etc. I am never in a rush with any shoot, and they take as long as they take!
  • I will provide some basic "props" for a baby shoot (ie. fur rugs, basket, blankets) but I prefer to use things that are personal to you.
  • Hats, blankets that someone made for you and special toys can all be incorporated into your shoot. That said, I always go with the "less is more" approach when it comes to props.


  • After our shoot, I will email you several collages as a "sneak peek" and you can share these with your friends/ family on- line. I will have your CD/ photos ready within a week.


  • A photo session with me is very RELAXED. I aim to provide you with the least stressful experience I can. Granted, the little ones may provide us with some stressful moments, but usually if we all relax and make it fun for them, we will get the desired results.


  • I want this to be a happy, fun experience that you & your family will remember fondly and want to do again! I believe it is because of this that I am fortunate to have so many repeat clients, whom I have photographed many times over the years.


  • People often ask me "What should we wear?"
  • I think you should dress like yourselves, and wear what you feel you look your best in.
  • You don't have to all match perfectly, just pay attention to what colours go together nicely and avoid too many different patterns. For a newborn shoot I often recommend solid, neutral shades, but for an outdoor shoot you can go colourful! Most importantly, be comfortable......look like yourselves.
  • When doing an Extended Family session, with a big group, I recommend against wearing all WHITE or especiallly, all BLACK. Instead, pick 2 or 3 colours (white or black can be part of that) and mix it up a bit.


  • The Fall is, by far, my busiest time of the year. During this time I only do LOCATION shoots on the weekends. This involves multiple famlies booked on a Saturday (in individual hourly time slots), and Sundays saved for RAIN DATES.
  • If you are available for a WEEKDAY shoot, I am more flexible about the location of the shoot, and we can decide on this together. For weekends, I will have set locations where I will be. I have been doing this for the past 8 years or so and it works very well, and allows plenty of time to do a wonderful session in the beautiful fall leaves!
  • If you are wanting a newborn session during October, these are also booked on WEEKDAYS only due to the outdoor sessions taking place on the weekends for that month.
  • For famlies with very young children, I will warn you that October can be VERY cold and wet... which is often miserable for little ones. If you are considering an outdoor session, I would recommend September. The colour is not as BOLD, but the kids won't be as COLD! We always have a few lovely weekends in October, but they are usually a few frigid ones as well!
  • The most important thing to remember wtih FALL SHOOTS is to DRESS appropriately!!
  • WARM, COMFY CLOTHES for everyone!


  • If you are looking for an experienced family photographer & a fun, relaxed session, you have found the right person. I think you will realize, after working with me, just how much I love doing what I do! It truly is the best job in the world !


  • If you have any other questions about my SERVICES please contact me anytime. If you would prefer to speak by phone, please provide me with your phone number and I will contact you.
Sarah McCormack